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Hello World. I’m Charley Mann and I work with software engineers to translate tough technical concepts into engaging, educational content.

I help technical folk unlock their writing potential, so they can better share and explain their work – educating and inspiring fellow engineers and non-technical folk alike.

Writing is a skill anybody can learn and improve with practise and patience. And just like software, sharing editorial knowledge with an open source ethos benefits everybody.

That’s what you’ll find here – practical tips to sharpen your technical content, shared freely and openly without any obligations.

About Me

Charley Mann

Charley Mann

Hello World! I’m Charley Mann, a seasoned technology writer and editor who solves tough communications problems in tech from my base in Berlin.

Honing my craft as a frontline reporter in the lightning-fast world of online breaking news, today I develop and lead successful technical content strategies for Camunda GmbH, where I work with a team of brilliant engineers from all across the world.

My core motivation is helping technical folks share their work, so they can educate and inspire others. Whether it’s writing documentation, or helping developers craft presentations, I work with an open source ethos grounded in sharing knowledge to benefit everybody.

When I’m not knee-deep in GitHub, I’m knee-deep in mud - running ultra marathons across the globe and indulging an unabashed passion for wine.

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